Bosch FlexInduction嵌入式電磁爐PerfectCook烹飪感應器 – 精準探測烹調溫度

德國Bosch最新推出的FlexInduction嵌入式電磁爐(型號: PXY875KE1E),備有PerfectCook烹飪感應器,自動探測及調節烹煮溫度,確保烹煮過程火力均衡。只需啟動嵌入式電磁爐PerfectCook功能,並將烹飪感應器貼於鍋具上,就能確保整個烹調過程中的烹煮溫度都保持在合適水平,煮出理想效果。本影片展示的嵌入式電磁爐僅供參考,出售之型號可能會有差異。產品詳情:


Bosch FlexInduction Induction Hob with PerfectCook Function – Perfectly control the cooking temperature

Bosch FlexInduction Built-in Induction Hob (Model: PXY875KE1E) with PerfectCook function can automatically monitor and adjust the cooking temperature within the certain level during the cooking process. Just activate the PerfectCook function of build-in induction hob and place the sensor to the cookware. It allows you to cook your food at certain temperatures and guarantee the perfect cooking results from build-in induction hob. The build-in induction hob shown in the video is for reference only. The models are subject to availability. Product detail:

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